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Why are Pop-ups so Successful?

There has been a very popular demand for the waves of instagrammable exhibits and experimental retail shops. The goal of pop-up experiences and pop-up shops is to generate media and consumer attention around a new offering.

One of the reasons why the pop-up economy has been such a success is due to increased consumer demand for picture-perfect “experiences”. Their goal is to make something a beautiful experience.

These pop-ups place a heavier degree of focus on retail in order to gain product sales and focus more on guest interaction and entertainment.

What are pop-up stores?

It is a retail location that opens up with the intention of being temporary. Sometimes they are seen to be using creative themes or attractions at their locations to attract customers and offer a unique shopping experience. Also, a great way to increase customers, and sales by providing opportunities for customers to purchase products in person that might just be sold online or in other locations.

It is a great way of marketing that spreads awareness of a company’s brand and products.

Pop-up stores are very valuable to businesses that offer new products and want to reach new customers in areas they might not conduct business.

Pop-ups can allow for a flexible layout, so companies can easily create a unique in-store shopping or usual experience to figure out how to turn their brand into a store.

These pop-ups are tapping into the consumers’ fear of missing out and growing those who visited the opportunity to say “I went there”. They will also feel that these pop-ups feel like they will offer something experiential that they can’t find anywhere else.

Pop-up stores can be very effective in connecting the business with its customers and introducing the products to new potential customers whether it is online or in person. Also, creating a theme that includes decor, activities and music can attract customers if they are just walking through a mall. Usually, they would think “this was never here, let’s check it out”. For example, if a company sells perfume, they might decorate their pop-up with florals or any decor that corresponds with the company or bottle. And designing photo opportunities for customers to take photos using a backdrop with their company or perfume name.

This pop-up experience gains attraction by creating the most instagrammable pop-up and has made its way to Toronto in 2018. This pop-up experience was very successful as it brought many people

Nestle has developed the Kit Kat Chocolatory, where customers can customize their own Kit Kat with many optional toppings, made fresh to order and with packaging that you can design yourself. Perfect for gifting or as a decadent treat.

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