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Events After the Pandemic

The beginning of the Pandemic produced remarkable challenges for the events Industry. These past years, the hospitality and events industry was staggered and faced a devastating financial impact. With worldwide lockdowns, many questions were hung up on every event planner: Is the future of events in danger? Will we ever recover?

I know that we all want to go back to our favourite event, whether it is a concert, sports arena or major event and put this all behind us. We want to feel the adrenaline again, interact with friends, celebrate wins, enjoy the atmosphere, etc. But, with the restrictions in place, it is very difficult to plan accordingly to peoples’ needs. However, there are recent trends in event technology that has proven the industry’s adaptability and resilience.

We have seen a major shift from in-person to virtual events. From then, we have seen more virtual events. We know that in-person events provided many opportunities for careers, to network, build meaningful connections and interact easily with one another. Now that events have shifted to virtual, people can now attend events that were previously inaccessible to them and enjoy the event in the comfort of their own homes. I’m sure that people are dying to come back to in-person events. Technology has been giving event planners a fresh pair of eyes. Since virtual events have saved us over the years, they also brought a massive learning curve for event planners and marketers, and it will play a huge role in defining the future of events.

When returning to in-person, it would look way different, we will keep in mind the health and safety protocols and operational changes for the venues. As Event Planners, it is important to gather all the resources to ensure that all planners and suppliers adapt at every level, respond quickly and recover from these impacts. It is important to align with every restriction and guideline our regional health officials outline for in-person events.

Here are some helpful resources to refer to for any outlined practices for the pandemic:

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