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How to Attract More Attendees

If your events are recurring every year, you make look at last year's numbers of attendees and

think to yourself, How do I attract more attendees to my event? And your goal is not only to

attract attendees to your current event but to turn them to repeat attendees for years to come.

As for new events, you may not even know where to start. It may be challenging for those who

are new to the industry and are struggling to gain more attendees. In this blog, we will explore many ways that will help you increase your list of attendees.

1. Social Media Makes a Difference

Social Media is the key to a wider and larger audience and connecting with them

more personally. It is a great way to promote events and help increase

awareness and attendance.

  • Facebook: This platform is best for advertising for lead generation. We are using

ads to build awareness for different types of audiences.

  • Twitter: This platform is excellent brand awareness and organic engagement.

Using easy to skim posts and targeting them to your audience using #hashtags

will help you gain more followers.

  • LinkedIn: This platform is excellent for b2b marketing. Using short and

professional posts for targeted business professionals.

  • Instagram: This platform is excellent for posting great content. It is the more

revolving platform for individuals to look at visual range. It is a great way to

attract new attendees as they will get a visual component to your events. You also want to

stay consistent by posting daily.

2. Engage your Audience

Engaging your audience increases participation, improves learning and

heightens satisfaction. People who are involved share their experiences through

word of mouth or on social media. It created a buzz and interest for future events.

3. Enhance your Marketing Campaign/Emails

This strategy helps you reach and connect with your target audience. It

specifically targets your intended audience and allows you to build connections

with major corporations. It will enable us to get potential clients. Customizing your message and engaging the recipient will show a call to action. You should be able to measure your target group's activity by checking the opening or click-throughs to check how your campaign performs.

Firstly, make your subject line visible and catchy! The power of email marketing is that you can grab someone's attention through the personalization of the email. You must always put your 100% effort into the email for your attendees. Do not make your emails long. Make them short and sweet and use a proper tone to be adequate to your target. There are some components you should include in your email, such as:

  • Catchy subject line

  • Purpose: Delivering information, Requesting information, Requesting action, Responding to a request

  • Economical (straight to the point)

4. Know your Audience

You don’t want to promote a hard rock concert to seniors. Knowing your

audience is important because you can figure out what content people are

looking for. Once you know your audience, it helps you figure out how to properly

execute your event.

5. Run a Giveaway

Promoting giveaways to your followers helps people identify your company and

reminds your followers of your business. Giveaways are effective because it

engages your audience and gives people more chances to see what the event

has in store.

6. Virtual Tickets

Having virtual tickets prevents attendees from losing or forgetting their tickets.

Many people prefer virtual tickets as it becomes more convenient. Adding virtual tickets for your event can increase revenue diversification. It provides attendees with more options and increases attendance for your event.

7. Have Event Sponsors for Promotion

Many sponsors are always willing to support with promotion for your event. Event Sponsorship is a powerful marketing tool and will boost your event sales. Sponsorship builds relationships and can benefit everyone, including the audience. It represents community contribution which promotes the core purpose of every event. It may be time-consuming, but it will be worth it in the end.

Sponsorship provides financial support, relevant reach, increases awareness, and positive publicity. It would help if you focused on accessing your target audience, finding appropriate sponsors related to your event field or topic, and supporting your event's message.

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