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Tips to Ensure Your Virtual Event is a Success

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Virtual Events are a cost-effective way to connect with other professionals or celebrate an event. You can host any event such as webinars, meetings, conferences, and the most evolving event would be hosting parties virtually. Virtual Events are held online on many different platforms to communicate with your audience online.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses and social life have shifted online. With that being said, the pandemic has led to many event cancellations and postponements. Virtual Events have become a great option over the past couple of years, allowing your guest to spend time and still enjoy the event without worrying about social distancing. It is not always easy or achievable to bring your attendees together at the exact location. Here you can learn how to host an engaging event that will enhance your guests' experience.

1. Planning Ahead

Organize every asset involved in the event and set clear goals from the start. Before planning the schedule of your virtual event or choosing a virtual event platform, make sure you know the event's purpose. Set SMART goals, and ensure the whole team in charge understands your goals.

2. Choose the Right Platform

Various platforms offer different features. You do not want to use various platforms that offer different features. However, choosing the right platform that fits all your event needs will ensure your event runs smoothly.

3. Choose the Right Time for your Event You want to consider how many people will be attending the virtual event and whether they may be in different time zones. Keep in mind how much time you need for Q&A.

4. Promote your Virtual Event Do not plan on an audience coming to you if you do not promote your event - make sure you advertise your event in advance so your attendees know when it is happening and how they can participate. You also want to anticipate your audience before your event to enhance and bring a positive emotion for your attendees. You are building their excitement. There are many ways to improve your audience:

  • Tease it on any social media platforms; Instagram, marketing emails, Facebook, Website.

  • Make Surprises - ex. Surprise Speakers

  • Countdowns

5. Develop a Clear Agenda Provide a plan and include relevant links so that participants can plan ahead. Agendas can help you, and your team significantly plan and organize, so everything is managed well, and the event is on time. Ensure you are sending these outlined agendas before the event. You do not want your attendees to be waiting around for long periods.

6. Include Moderators You want to make sure you have enough moderators present during your virtual event in case something goes wrong. The moderators oversee the overall operations during the event and ensure all attendees enjoy their virtual event experience.

7. Engage your Audience

You should always plan ahead and see your goal for the event. From there, you should know what kind of activities to plan and make sure it involves active participation. Try encouraging your participants to have conversations with one another. This provides a better experience for everyone interacting and participating in the event.

8. Prepare to Troubleshoot

Do your research on which platform you would like to host your event if there are any technical difficulties with the forum, your video or audio. You might want to consider testing each platform before the event. As a host or moderator, ensure there is always a backup—you should always plan for any situation that may occur.

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