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Ways to "WOW" Your Guests at Events

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

We’re almost there! You’ve found your venue, selected the perfect menu, your decor inspiration, your signature cocktail. You are not quite done, you want to deliver a memorable experience for your attendees. Entertainment at events can push the attendee experience to the next level. There are so many entertainment options you could bring to your next event such as exciting activities, shows, etc. that can keep your attendees engaged. However, with events evolving to the virtual world, entertainment can be personalized in virtual events, giving the attendees more options.

You should first analyze your audience and who you are targeting, considering what they would be interested in for the entertainment aspect of the event. So Let’s Avoid the Snooze Fest!

Here are some ideas you could incorporate into your event:

Games & Contests

Set up a gamified contest/competition or organize a game to have your audience energized and motivated such as trivia, scavenger hunts, immersive escape room, playing games can light up the mood and strengthen bonds between attendees. This activity is perfect for your corporate and intimate parties.

Food & Wine Experience

This is a great way for your attendees to network and strengthen relationships. You can organize a virtual wine tasting experience by shipping exceptional wines to your guests and tasting them together through a virtual platform. You can also organize private cooking classes, with a professional chef teaching your attendees how to make simple dishes like homemade pasta or tacos. Everyone enjoys food & drinks, so this is a no-brainer.

Mixology Class

Enjoying your cooking class? How about a mixology class where a professional mixologist can entertain and teach you how to make delicious cocktails and enjoy a fun event experience. This is a perfect interactive way for attendees to remember.

Photo Booths

Photo booths are the most popular form of entertainment for attendees as they have a keepsake of the event they attended to. They add stylishness to the event while providing a beautiful backdrop, props and event branding for attendees to capture the moment.

Fortune Teller

Fortune Tellers are always a hit! Whether it is online or in-person, you can get a fortune teller to read palms and leave your audience feeling surprised and optimistic.

Magicians and Mentalists

Magicians and Mentalists provide lots of high energy that can leave your audience in question and shock. It is the most attention-grabbing form of entertainment for events as they are intriguing and can easily captivate an audience. They can deliver a mysterious, interactive experience, mind readings and illusions that can involve audience members.

Here is Xray Magic from Mississauga:


A comedian can provide your audience with much-needed comic relief, making the event atmosphere more friendly and relaxed. Attendees always appreciate a good laugh at the end, so bringing a comedian will do its job.

Live music and DJs

What’s an event without any background music? Live music and DJs are classic entertainment ideas that will surely entertain your guests during your occasional event. You can also have a live band or DJ for your virtual event to add some flair.

Caricatures and sketches

This is a fun entertainment idea for attendees as they love seeing artists producing work in real-time and being able to bring it home and share it with other people.

Aerial Dance

We love a good show! It is very mesmerizing seeing such talented aerialists from a full acrobatic show to aerial pourers for a thrilling and elegant addition to your event. They can perform sensational acts on stage or create a classy atmosphere during cocktail hour.

Samba Dancers

You will be able to give the flavour of Brazil to your event, it is the joy of the carnival and makes your event unforgettable. Samba is an upbeat style that can include many acrobatic figures and shows the performer’s skills and flexibility as well as their sense of rhythm.

TI Robot

Who would have ever thought of having a robot at your event? 8 and 10 foot LED Robot performances at nightclubs, corporate events, music festivals, weddings, etc. The LED Robot has more than 1,000 LED Lights programmable in different colours and displays.

Blackout Flair

How about bartending with a twist? This company specializes in making fantastic drinks with style here in Toronto! These bartenders will put on a show as they serve your alcoholic beverages to your guests!

Casino Nights

This is where all adults will experience the fun and excitement of playing in a real casino, but instead, the casino is brought to you! This will go well with your “Monte Carlo” or “James Bond” themed event.

Puppy Play Pen

This is the best way to relieve your stress on a corporate retreat! Puppy playpens are such a great way for attendee engagement.

Circus Acts

I’m not talking about the plain old clown acts. We’re talking about the acrobatics, Cirque du Soleil acts, Ventriloquists, Hoopers, Tight Rope Walkers, Trained Animals, Unicyclists, Jugglers, Trapeze Acts, etc. There are many diverse entertainment shows that will keep your attendees entertained.

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