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Creating Your Signature Cocktail

Voila! You are ready for your upcoming event; you have everything set in place, perfect location, perfect decor, perfect theme. But is there something else you are missing? Are you looking to give your event an extra oomph for your guests to have a lasting impression? Maybe a signature cocktail to have during cocktail hour that ties into your theme will top it all. Who doesn’t love cocktail hour? This will take it to the next step we thought we didn’t even need, but I guarantee you that you won’t regret it when this drink stands out.

Cocktails are becoming more popular at events and expanding options. They are what fuels the guests in your event to keep their mingling! Although cocktail hours can promote small talk, having a signature cocktail with funny names can quickly provide an effortless pivot during conversation and an easy ice breaker.

You could experiment by adding different fruits, garnishes, and mixers to cocktails. Signature Cocktails add another layer of personalization to your event.

Here are some ideas when creating your signature drink:

A Catchy Name

Try not to use basic names for your cocktail; think outside of the box! Keep it simple, creative and witty. Consider taking inspiration by incorporating the theme from your event.


Presentation is everything; you want guests to look stunned by the presentation. Start with the proper glass you want to serve the drink in, then the garnishes you want to use.

Colour Scheme

Consider the decor, table linens, overall theme to create your cocktail. You want to keep in mind what colour scheme you will use for your cocktail. If your theme is ivory in colour, you don’t want to use cranberry juice or any other red cocktail.


You may want to consider which spirits or wines complement any mixers. Some spirits or wines do not go well with some mixers, so try experimenting beforehand.

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