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Food Trends

2021 has brought in an abundance of food trends, whether you saw it on the internet or social media. Looking ahead to 2022, we believe that these food trends have carried on to this year as they became trendy.

Homemade Pasta

This trend has been prevalent as people love to experiment. Homemade pasta appeals to a wide range of budgets, ease of operation, and lifestyles. It requires less labour and patience.

Here is a website that provides a recipe on how to make the perfect homemade pasta:

Edible Flowers

Edible Flowers gives your dish a fantastic presentation with its vibrant and vivid colours, and best of all, you can eat it! Professional chefs use edible flowers to garnish and give dishes a signature flavour.

Here is a website where you can find 27 Edible Flowers Recipe to enhance your dishes!:

Ghost Kitchens

The future of food is that many companies are creating new opportunities as people prefer to order take out or delivery from their favourite restaurant. Some businesses use Ghost Kitchens to test new menu items or expand their customer base. It saves valuable time and money by not advertising and printing new menus and signage.


Truffle are the most iconic symbol of culinary extravagance in the fresh produce industry. Truffle is rich, aromatic, decadently flavoured and exceedingly rare. For its unique pungent aroma, earthly flavour and rarity, culinary professionals and food lovers have been using truffle more often over the years. As it started to be very rare to find and very expensive, we see truffle being used more in dishes. Lastly, Food Dudes were the best option to cater this event as they create tasty foods to make the experience last. They have incorporated words with truffles to experience the rich flavoured taste of the mushroom.

Here is a website to help you gain more knowledge about truffle and some recipes:

Sustainable Packaging

Sustainability shows corporate responsibility, reducing carbon footprints, and reducing waste. Many individuals prefer sustainable packaging.

Plant-based everything

Plant-Based is sustainable because it uses significantly fewer natural resources and puts less pressure on the environment. There has been a high demand for Plant-Based food as there are a lot of individuals transitioning to vegetarian/vegan or willing to try something new.

Here is a website where you can find 31 Easy Plant-Based Recipes:

CBD Infused

There is a new era for the Cannabis Industry as it becomes a growing demand. CBD is proven to have benefits for wellness and mental health.

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